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Welcome to the home of Football Club 77, a men's  soccer club devoted to the enjoyment of soccer.  FC77 was formed in 1977 in Portland Oregon. Over 39 years later this miscellaneous collection of soccer buffs has grown into seven teams.

Our purpose: Playing and supporting the sport of soccer and good fellowship. Our seven teams span Over 30 through Over 58 age divisions and a wide range of play from the serious, to the ridiculous.  On these pages you'll find separate team pages, schedules, game reviews, other soccer links, information if you're interested in trying out for a team and our newsletter.  Explore and if you enjoy soccer, you're among friends.


FC77 Fall 2021 Season Starts

Falls season 21 starts

September 23, 2021.  The weekend of September 11-12 was the kickoff of the 2021 Fall GPSD Season.
All Club teams with the exception of Older Nicks played on one of these two days.
See your team's home page for a link to your current GPSD schedule.

The Next 44 Years

Scheduling in the year 2021.

"Robust Testing" In UK Postpones Fall Tour

To be continued - in 2022
   Instead of departing Sept. 10, 2021, we're now looking at next year. There was commitment by enough FC77 members, but the travel testing procotols overseas were just a bridge too far for this fall.    Read trip
details here.
official Friendship Tour web page is here.

Friend Me!

For those who think web sites and even blogs are hopelessly old fashioned, your Club also has a FC77 Facebook page. Is Tik Tok next?


La Paz 2022 Tournament Announcement!

LaPaz_Feb_2022  September 22, 2021.  Mike Calder has just updated details of the 2022 FC77 La Paz Gold Cup Tournament. Open to both teams and individuals, this is a wonderful soccer-based vacation for all FC77 members. Now in it's second iteration, this is a proven tournament. Contact your manager to connect with Mike.  
[Pictures here from the 2020 Tournament.]

Spring Season 2021 Results

Overall season: 5/15/21 - 6/27/21.
           FC77 Teams:
FC77 Rangers        Ov30 Dv1   5th place (9 teams)
FC77 PBR              Ov40 Dv2   1st place (6 teams)
FC77 Bollocks        Ov40 Dv3 8th place(10 teams)
FC 77 Ons Oranje Ov40  Dv3  7th place(10 teams)
FC77 Ajax               Ov50 Dv1  1st place (6 teams)
FC77 Hibernian     Ov50 Dv2   1st place (4 teams)
FC77 Old Nicks      Ov58 Dv1  5th place (7 teams)
FC77 Older Nks      Ov65 Dv1  4th place (4 teams)
  (FC77 Newcastle is on sabbatical for 2021)
Congratulations to our three - 1st Place-finishing club teams: PBR, Ajax and Hibernian!

Ons Oranje Joins For Spring 2021

May 15, 2021  Ons Oranje, an amalgam of FC77 players and others, created to fill a Club Over-40 need, has joined FC77 for Spring 2021 season. It is managed by Scot Hale and Josh Golden.
The venerable Newcastle club team has gone into hibernation and may yet emerge reborn in some future season.

Timber's 2021 MLS Season Looking Up
September 17, 2021  Our Portland Timbers continue to play in front of (full stadium capacity) live crowds at Providence Park. Timbers' website details the Covid-dictated mod's to the stadium experience.

Timbers in 2021. Mora scores.

GPSD Calendar:

 GPSD Board meetings. (meetings are by Zoom unless otherwise noted.)

10/11/21: GPSD Board Meeting.     6:45pm
11/08/21: GPSD Board Meeting.     6:45pm
12/11-12/21: Fall Season Championships
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