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40yr Logo on yellow

Welcome to the home of Football Club 77, a men's  soccer club devoted to the enjoyment of soccer.  FC77 was formed in 1977 in Portland Oregon. Over 39 years later this miscellaneous collection of soccer buffs has grown into seven teams.

Our purpose: Playing and supporting the sport of soccer and good fellowship. Our six teams span Over 30 through Over 58 age divisions and a wide range of play from the serious, to the ridiculous.  On these pages you'll find separate team pages, schedules, game reviews, other soccer links, information if you're interested in trying out for a team and our newsletter.  Explore and if you enjoy soccer, you're among friends.


Championship Match Result

Rangers are Champions of Over 30, 3rd. 

July 1, 2019.  We'll let Manager Sean Ingersoll tell the tale:
"The final score was 3-1. Centennial FC had pipped us twice this season, 1-2 each time, so we knew it was going to be another competitive match. It had been 11 years since Rangers hoisted a trophy so we really, really wanted it.

CFC scored around the 38th minute on a great solo effort, but we kept the plot and huddled up at half time. My head is still a bit of a blur, but I seem to think my team talk went something along the lines, “There is no reason to panic. We’re playing good soccer. We’re going to score once early on in the second half to tie it up. And then we score again late to win this f**king thing!” (I swear a lot during team talks.)

Kyle Dunscomb got the equalizer in the 65th minute off a cross from the right side. It was like an adrenaline shot to the heart and we really started putting the pressure on after that.

Noah Sharpsteen, who had been playing holding midfielder all game, asked to go up front and do a shift as a striker. Five minutes later he took on their center backs and blasted the sh*t out of the ball to rocket it in near post around the 75th minute. Our fans, some two dozen or so and most of them wearing yellow, went wild.

Ahmed Hamlawy netted the third with eight minutes remaining. Ahmed finished the season with a Rangers record 18 goals and 5-6 assists."

And that trophy in the picture? "I promised my crew a proper trophy hoist if we managed to pull off a win…but the Over 30 Third division doesn’t have a trophy. A few years ago Mike Calder gave me the trophy you see in the picture but we came up short then…so I’ve had this thing in my garage since maybe 2016 or 2017. I refused to touch it until this Saturday so when the final whistle blew, my wife ran out to the car and brought it out to the field. Rangers got a proper trophy hoist."

You've Come A Long Way, Baby!

Providence Park 2009-2019

June 5, 2019.  The newly renovated/enlarged Providence Park most of us got a look at on Saturday's Timbers match against LAFC is very impressive. It's even more so when you think back to what we were used to (and happy to have) in the not-so-long ago days of USL soccer.
Remember the scrofulous, baseball-centric, worn out carpet of a decade ago? Remember the deserted, unused east side of the pitch? Remember the goofy beer garden down on the field, along the first base line?
If not, check out the time-lapse pic above. It says it all.

The Social Network

Friend Me!

For those who think web sites and even blogs are hopelessly old fashioned, FC77 also has a Facebook page. Mark Zuckerberg will be so pleased!

Wear The Brand

April 13, 2018.   We know you've got a Valeri Timbers kit for home matches. How about an authentic FC77 Brian Karasti or Roy Thompson shirt to remind you of the Club good times?

Well, now you can live the dream, courtesy of Admiralty Sports, current supplier of the iconic FC77 yellow and black shirts seen on pitches from Troutdale to Hillsboro. Admiralty is offering an extensive array of shirts, jackets and caps with the FC77 40th Year logo imprinted.

The Club doesn't get a share of the vast profits this will generate, but, at least, now you can build a full wardrobe around the much-envied Ranger/PBR/Hibs/Bollocks/Newks/Nicks "look". Just click here to visit the showroom.



2019 Date and Place Decided!

2019 Athletic Cup details

GPSD Calendar:

7/8/2019:   GPSD Board Meeting 6:45pm
7/22/2019: GPSD Managers Meeting 7:00pm  *
7/25/2019: End of Fall Season Registration
8/12/2019: GPSD Board Meeting 6:45pm
9/07/2019: Fall Season 2019 Begins
12/07/2019: Fall Season Championship matches.
*Team managers who attend 7/22/19 general meeting will receive a $50 refund off Fall fee!


2017 Athletic Cup

Our ancestors

The Original Crew from 1977. (click pic)

Commorative Logo Unveiled

Mike Calder's Winning Logo Design

Faces in the crowd.

One View Of Our Participants (click pic)

2017 Crowd

Another View (click pic)

"We’re the one percenters, man — the ones who don’t fit and don’t care. So don’t talk to me about your field fees and your red cards — I mean you get your woman and your bike and your screw-ins and I mean you're on your way.

We’ve punched our way out of a hundred rumbles, stayed alive with our boots and our fists. We’re royalty among soccer clubs, baby."
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