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Welcome to the home of Football Club 77, a men's  soccer club devoted to the enjoyment of soccer.  FC77 was formed in 1977 in Portland Oregon. Over 39 years later this miscellaneous collection of soccer buffs has grown into seven teams.

Our purpose: Playing and supporting the sport of soccer and good fellowship. Our seven teams span Over 30 through Over 58 age divisions and a wide range of play from the serious, to the ridiculous.  On these pages you'll find separate team pages, schedules, game reviews, other soccer links, information if you're interested in trying out for a team and our newsletter.  Explore and if you enjoy soccer, you're among friends.


Fall 2023 - FC77 Final Results

Fall 2023 Results

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Athletic Cup 2023 - Big Turnout!

Lents Park Then, Now. 1979-2023

August 7, 2023.  "I believe it was the largest turnout for this event in our Club history." - Pres. Sean Ingersoll

It was a mild August 5th, 2023 Saturday at Lents Park. Well over 120 participants and families gathered. At times, four 8x8 'Cup' matches were underway simultaneously. Welcome guests from Mojo's and Viet Canyon in attendance. Barbeque, hamburgers and sides, the official foodstuffs, served up to all comers. Glenn's beverage cart dispensing the needed electrolytes. Needless to say, another very well-organized (Thanks to our board!) gathering of the Club.

It is a mere 46 years after one particular cluster of Portland Parks summer-league players each thought, "Hey, I'm younger than Pele; let's form a rec team and play this fall!" That crucial bit of hubris has ultimately led to 10 FC77 men's teams slated play in GPSD's 2023 Fall Season.

The natural tendency towards soccer-team entropy has been staved off, once again, by the efforts and enthusiasm of our Club team managers. The result is was a gathering of the clan where we could all see how many people are positively affected and gain real enjoyment from our soccer fellowship. On to Fall Season 2023!

Check back - Event pics to follow!

Spring 2023 Success 

   FC77 teams participating in the Spring 2023 GPSD Season were: Rangers, PBR, Bollocks, Ons Oranje, Ajax, Hibernian, United, Old Nicks and Older Nicks.

Championship Games Result -June 2023


It's 2024!

He's out of copyright!
Finally- Mickey Mouse 1.0 is in the public domain! Good omen for the Club?

Big summer planning session. 2023

Athletic Cup 2022 - Sept. 3, 2022

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September 7, 2022.  "The Athletic Cup worked out great! We had 4 full teams and we played a round robin format - for the most part 40 minutes games (the last one was 30 minutes due to time constraints). We divided the teams by going the elementary school route - lined everyone up and gave them a number (1-4) and then they went and got their team color - red, blue, white, gold.

We had 40+ FC77 guys, plus a group of Mojos, and finally a group from Viet Canyon Auto (they helped us in the Summer Legacy tournament so we sent them an invite). Overall numbers were about 75 or so including spouses and kids.

Dana Bozek put together a great spread with Jay Johnson providing his BBQ skills. Many folks brought tables, canopies, and grills.

Everyone was really happy to pitch in and in the future I bet you we can easily get some sponsors or perhaps even a food truck."

Andy Groeneveld

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This website is really for yesterday's Club news, carefully curated and stored away for the archeologists of the 22nd century.

  Where can you find the latest pics, gossip and rumors? You're best served by our FC77 Facebook site (@FC77Soccer), and our Instagram posts (@fc77pdx).

GPSD Calendar:

Winter 2024 Seas. Reg. deadline - Jan. 14, 2024
    Spring 2024 Seas. Reg. start        -  Jan 14, 2024
    Winter 2024 Season               - Jan 27 to Mar 03, 2024
    Manager's Meeting                 - Feb 26, 2024, 7pm,
                                         High Rocks Pub, Gladstone OR.  

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FC77 Team Bar 3/2022