King's Cup Tournament, Las Vegas, January 2002

Our first game of the day - played on a postage stamp, covered with what seemed to be carefully strewn hay. This is the first goal scored against us. The second goal scored against us.
Rock is mesmerized by Claude's mighty throw-in. During the first afternoon, no less than two ambulance runs were made for players at our complex of fields. Old Nicks players were completely innocent!
At the end of Day One. Down two players for the second day of the tournament! We ended up at 1-2-1 for the 2002 Tournament. Our lone win was a landmark first-time 2-1 victory over the Pierre's team from Portland A team picture from the 2001 Tournament. We didn't win a game, but got a taste of high-rolling tournament life. Two of the four teams we played in a "rec" grouping had ex-professional footballers in their squads. 2001 record: 0-4.