Jurassic Pitch

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Earliest picture extant of the original group- from 1979?. Four Saudi's, one Mexican, one Sierra Leonean, a Brit and a middle-aged Canadian made all the difference. The guy on the left making the odd hand gestures is John Harland, our Brit. His true passion was field hockey, a really obscure game in the old USA.
A fall day about 1980 at Lents Park. That's us in the blue perforated nylon, reversible shirts with the SJO name. The referee was John Polis. He became the marketing manager for the Timbers, and then wrote nationally on soccer matters. Currently lives in the Denver area.
On the right is our keeper of the early 80's, Bob Stout. He currently lives (and practices law) in Bend, Oregon. On the left is Mike Calder, an FC77 founding father. That tree is still in the way at Lents field, thirty six years later.
On the right is Glenn O'Dell, our team manager. SJO stood for Seton, Johnson & O'Dell engineering firm.