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Friday Morning Tuneups - July 2023

Team kick-around Summer 2023

June 29, 2023. Glenn's most recent email tells us- we're headed to Franklin High School to scrimmage.

"I will be returning “my” Friday kick-around to its roots in SE PDX where we started this during the early pandemic times. See locations list:

LOCATION(S): We will try these locations in this order, hopefully we’ll find some stability ('Flexibility')

Franklin HS bowl (turf): (SE 52nd-54th between Division and Woodward)
Lower Clinton Park (grass): (adjacent to Franklin HS, ~57th & SE Clinton)
Upper Clinton Park (grass): (up the hill from Lower Clinton Park)
Powell Park, NW corner (grass): (last resort @ 22nd SE Powell Blvd)
(FYI, Cleveland field is closed for construction until about 8/3. We may add that in as an alternative when available.) "

"Last week we had a good turnout at Franklin HS. However, we were warned we may get kicked out so come prepared to move to the alternate locations listed below. Other fields are grass. Have appropriate footwear."

FORMAT: We all have a sense of the format of these kick-arounds, but I want to be a bit specific.
ALWAYS across field, e.g. 2 games on a regular field.
Limit to 8 v 8 as a target.
Corner Kicks will be taken on the sideline about the 20 yard line.
No Goal tending, no defending (or offense) within a 6’ radius of the goals.

For those that care to socialize afterwards- Rogue Eastside Pub at SE 9th & Belmont.

8v8 Is A Hellava Game
8-a-side is a hellava game
Match Report

The Boys Of Summer - 2022
The Boys Of Summer - 2022

Nicks In The Baja

March 31, 2020.  A trophy hungry mob of norteņos descended on La Paz in early March. Invited (through Mike Calder's good works) there by the local Baja men's league, the mostly-Nicks had a wonderful time.
     As Anatole put it, "Well, officially, we had 4 [teams] then they heard that Nicks are old but can still beat younger teams so one team cancelled the day (or 3) prior to the tournament. We tied one team 0-0 and lost to a team that was made of their best players from 10 teams. First game was 2-4 loss but in the finals, we played each other again and the game and the score was very close this time. We lost 3-4 but the game could have gone either way. In the final, we started to lose players one at a time also and had Glenn who was already playing with Lisa's crutches to take on some secret Mezcal and told him to get in there and he played the full match."

TV celebrities!

Yes, we even got local tv coverage!

La Paz Team Pic

Take a look at all of Rich and Tammy Black's excellent picture coverage of the tournament. [9/22/21: La Paz Tournament II announced. See FC77 main page for details.]


Night Moves

Nicks night match 2/17/07

August 11, 2021 View the above Youtube video and relive a time when some winter season games were under the lights at Strasser field at Delta Park. Marvel at a time when manager David collected your sweaty jersey at game end and laundered them for you in the vain hope that a complete set of team uniforms would last through a season of player mishaps. Truely, a bygone time...

(Another) Blast From The Past

Stouthearts circa 1983

As the Spring 2023 Season progresses, how many of your current Old Nicks players can you pick out of this Stouthearts photo from 1983?

The names- ( L to R):

Rear: John Harland, David Porter, Bob Stout, Mike Calder, Doug Morasch. ??
Middle: ??, ??, George Karembelas
Front: David Southey, Lee Gadinas, Al Gerritsen, Mark Dillon, Peter Korn, Dan Murphy

Apologies to our brethren who only got a "??". Old soccer brains only remember so many names after 38 years. [Fill us in through the FC77 Facebook page if you are that person, or know their names!]

Ancient document. SJO 1980
Click for bigger image.

Noir Win

Nick beat Willamette Valley Vinyards

October 21, 2019.  Our no-guff reporter Roy Thompson tells the unvarnished story of the Nicks 2-1 win over Willamette Valley Vinyards.

Old Nicks Barley Wine 


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