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 Our Bastille Day

Nicks beat Royals 4-1

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Post-game Sherwood, 5/5/19

Imperials Battled In Sherwood

May 7, 2019.  I am happy to report that Old Nicks played Imperials almost to a standoff last weekend. We acquitted ourselves very well against Imperials. Sadly, we were totally blitzed by Nunn who scored an estimated 7 goals in the match leaving one for Jay Abramowitz to knock home in addition.

 The game was not so lopsided in play— a lean Nicks side with the excellent help of Tim Evans at sweeper, Manus O’Donnell at midfield and Rob Johnson in both the defense and midfield— did our best against the Imperials who had called on Nunn to fill out their side. The result was a hardship for our crew, despite good play on the field getting the ball forward.

When all was said and done, many of us retired to Ancestry Brewing out in Sherwood and had a great time.

This coming Saturday (5/11/19) is our next match against Royals. I have about nine players who’ve confirmed they will be there.. I have at least nine players whose status is unknown. Please send me a 10-44 on your intended whereabouts on Saturday for the game.


Heartening Development

Early AED Machine

 January 15, 2019. Team Manager David Porter has made arrangements for Old Nicks to own a Philips AED machine (automated external defibrillator), soon to be available at all future matches. It appears that most all the managers of GPSD Over-58 teams are acquiring these lifesaving devices. If you want to see a demo of the Philips AED in operation, here's a You Tube video demonstrating the simplicity of its use.



Match Report - Stillhouse, 6/11/19

Match Report from David 6/11/19
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Russ Hosts

Bemused Old Nick revelers

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(Another) Blast From The Past

Stouthearts circa 1983

As the Winter 2019 Season comes into view, how many of your current Old Nicks players can you pick out of this Stouthearts photo from 1983?

The names- ( L to R):

Rear: John Harland, David Porter, Bob Stout, Mike Calder, Doug Morasch. ??
Middle: ??, ??, George Karembelas
Front: David Southey, Lee Gadinas, Al Gerritsen, Mark Dillon, Peter Korn, Dan Murphy

Apologies to our brethren who only got a "??". Old soccer brains only remember so many names after 35 years. [Fill us in through the FC77 Facebook page if you are that person, or know their names!]

Old Nicks Barley Wine 


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